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Saturday, October 22, 2005 -- Uniontown, PA
Run for the Homeless Mainstreet Classic (iPO Event Id#: 6655)

Story and photos by Jason Black

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Photo by Jason Black
A run down Main Street
Though it rained on race day, the city of Uniontown shined with a variety of new businesses and wonderful places to eat and grab a cup of hot tea. The racers warmed up to that right away...

And let it rain I say. Yes, sometimes the weather just doesn't cooperate like you would hope, but on the other hand, uncooperative whether can sometimes be what it takes to make the day stick out in your mind as a memorable one. That is exactly what happened in this past weekend at the Run for the Homeless Main street Classic in Uniontown, PA. Just as the race director raised his gun to start 5k run and walk, the rain decided to enter the race with the participates and never let up.

Photo by Jason Black
Raining cast, and dogs today
The race is was right in downtown Uniontown making for an extremely nice course, with lots of different places for the spectator to take in all the excitement. Over 50 runner and walkers showed up to brave the weather and help the cause, for this first time event.

The first person to make his way to the finish was Uniontown's own Ed Filcheck with a time of (17:38:34). He was followed by second place finisher Heath Piper (17:56:85) and third place Ben Shinsky (18:17:10). Jenny Kooser (21:11:48) was first to the finish. Just behind in the second place was Ronnie Meyers (21:14:12), followed by third place Annie Kokonaski (21:29:36). For the walkers Mark Stafford (28:37:02) was to the line first, followed by second and third place, Don Slusser (30:48:77) and Kathy Paes (30:49:25).

This event is going to be very popular as the years go on. Why? Well it is centrally located to a lot of big cities that are home to large running clubs, the competition should always be great, and it's a wonderful course. So next year around this time be sure you don't miss out on this wonderful race.