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Saturday, September 22, 2007 -- Scottdale, PA
Scottdale Fall Festival 10K/5K (iPO Event Id#: 10074)

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Clarkson and Wyzomirski Set the Pace in Scottdale

Story and photos by JR Petsko

Scottdale 10K/5K-Photo by JR Petsko
Scottdale 10K/5K Photo by JR Petsko
Fall Fest visitors were greeted by a scenic view as they drove into Scottdale on Saturday. The town is nestled beautifully between the rolling hills of western Pennsylvanian, but these inviting mountains create a challenging course for the racers. The course climbs didn't, however, stop well over 100 runners and walkers from showing up on race-day to take part in the event. Participants had their choice of how much of the run they wanted to do. The Scottdale Fall Festival featured a 10K run and a 5K run and walk. There was something for everyone.

Unusually warm temperatures for this time of year didn't seem to slow the pace of the pack. A fast pace was set by Ryan Clarkson, Joe Bierhals, and Kory Kiefer as the runners made their way through the streets of the town for a pro-loge type lap.

After a short trip down the main street the pace increased even more as the runners headed out of town. Larry Taylor lead the pack as he pushed his front to the 10K. Dom Wyzomirski, and 5K runners Ryan Clarkson and Joe Bierhals followed behind. They all headed uphill and out of town. Spectators anxiously awaited their return, wondering if the heat and hill would trouble the present leader.

Scottdale 10K/5K-Photo by JR Petsko
Hello to my fans, Photo by JR Petsko
Out on the course the 5K runners split from the 10K runners. When the 5K leaders came back into sight of the town spectators, Ryan Clarkson continued his lead over the 5K field. Clarkson would end up taking the win in a time of 18:54.0. Joe Bierhals was able to hold steady and finish second in 19:01 over Kory Kiefer who finished in 19:40. Rounding out the top five in the 5K was Francis Molinaro in fourth finishing in 20:27 with Zachary Teich in fifth in a time of 20:31.

For the runners who chose the 10K, the last of their miles to run were hot and hilly.

The courses had changed a great deal from the first flat mile or so. Larry Taylor of Fayetteville, West Virginia had set the top pace early on. Taylor held onto a top spot, but slipped to fifth overall crossing the finish line in 41:12. The overall 10K win went to Dom Wyzomirski who finished in 38:42. He was followed by local PA runner, Brad Herrington, who took second with a time of 40:15. In third was David Terrill who held off the first overall female runner, Tammy Slusser. She finished fourth overall with a time of 41:06. Janet Zelner collected second in the women's overall finish in 51:01.

Out of a field of 23 the top race walkers were, Gene Spadano, who took the overall win for the men as Linda Rumbaugh took home the women's overall walker prize.

The Scottsdale Fall Fest 10K and 5K went off without a hitch once again. Peggy and the volunteers did a great job. I look forward to coming back in 2008!