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Saturday, September 22, 2012 -- Scottdale, PA
Scottdale Fall Festival 10K Run, 5K Run/Walk (iPO Event Id#: 14237)

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Story and photos by Theresa Svoboda.

Scottdale, PA lucked out this year with Mother Nature, sparing the hundreds of cheering townsfolk and excited runners from the rainclouds hovering above for the historical 15th anniversary of the Scottdale 10k/5k held on Saturday, September 22nd.

Scottdale Fall Festival Race
Photo by Theresa Svoboda
This years crowd of 128 athletes were forewarned with a pep talk from race director Charlie Ellis that the race course would offer plenty of cardiac high's and low's, as the Pittsburgh and Stoner Street cross does not forewarn of some of the rolling hills that reddened the faces of many.

Doug Basinski was the first 10k'r to break the ribbon, earning the winning title in 38 minutes and 9 seconds. Following with fabulousness, race regular Mindy Sawelle-Zottola finished in 39:20. Right on her heels was 3rd overall winner Nick Miller. Deserving a mention at just 4 seconds behind Nick, Mike Meadows sprinted to the line in 39:37. The exciting climax for the 10k had the already engaged crowd reeling with anticipation at who would capture the award. Way to give it your all!

Easily recognizable in the fury of fanfare was 14 year old Ben Bickerton, who crossed the 5k finish line at 19:00. Wearing his Southmoreland track suit and a huge smile, Ben sprinted to the end like a seasoned athlete, and from the sounds of the crowd has many supporters to cheer him along the way. Runner Debbie Connor finished next in 21:26 and just a second away was Perez Gerry, capturing a third place win.

Scottdale Fall Festival Race
Photo by Theresa Svoboda
The 5k walk finish had spectators crowding along the edge of the streets with shouts and signs for their favorites. Gloria Antoon clinched the winning title, walking the course in a speedy 33:35. A second later, Rich Santella let out a wince, knowing he missed first place by a sneaker length. Dennis Cropp followed third in 36:14.

Racing Scottdale's Fall Festival is team oriented at times and brings so many people together. Honoring FBI agent Sgt. Hicks was runner Tami Hileman, who captured a second place win in her age group and was cheered by a group of Team Hicks supporters at the sidelines. Brothers compete alongside one another, like Stephen and Sean Mueseler, who finished 1st and 2nd in their grouping.

The speedy 10k duo of Mindy & Art Zottola ran again, always coming together for a group hug at the end. Scottdale represents a unified community. It's a beautiful race atmosphere with lots of happy smiles at the finish. Congratulations to all participants. We hope to see you next year!